Oct 15th 2009:
After a successful audit in September, VamsTec has certified its PACS/RIS product as class IIa medical device. Besides FDA and Canadian MDR, VamsTec products now carry a CE mark for class II of medical devices.

    Whatever your area of medical imaging is, VamsTec can streamline your processes from image acquisition, processing, presentation and reporting.

    PACS/RIS Solution

    User-friendly and efficient, VamsTec's premier PACS/RIS solution Issa will streamline your workflow processes. Whether you are going digital for the first time, or looking for a new solution, Issa system will adapt to you and not the other way around. More

    Endoscopy PACS

    Whether you are a gastroenterologist, otorinolaringologist, pulmologist or of any other specialty and you use an endoscope in your daily work, sooner or later you will encounter a need for proper documentation of your work. Issa is a system which will save you from endless clicking and help you focus only on data you actually need. More

    PACS for Microscopy

    Issa enables any specialist dealing with microscopy, such as pathologists, cytologists, etc. to integrate all your imaging and reporting requirements in one single application. Together with barcoding, dictations and customized reporting, Issa can simplify your daily workflow. More


    OB/GYN PACS and Reporting

    In a specific world of OB/GYN departments, you need a simple solution that will integrate features of PACS system with specific reporting requirements. See how Issa handles all the needs of your department. More


    Solutions for telemedicine present a "cream on the cake" of streamlined healthcare IT. Vams Tec is a specialist in providing customized telemedicine solutions for any kind of workflow, whether it includes imaging or only reports. VamsTec specialists can inspect your workflow and will work out a solution for your specific needs and which is adapted to your IT infrastructure. More

    Miscellaneous Applications

    Experts in imaging field for almost 20 years, Vams Tec has solved many mission-critical imaging needs for various customers. Our solutions span applications such as morphometry, radiation therapy and machine vision. More