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At peaks, Traumatology Clinic's X-ray department can be one of the busiest in the city, with numerous patients waiting either for their first exam or follow-ups. Old workflow with film and two film processors clearly showed signs of breaking and was restricting the departments throughput.

In late 2005, Vams Tec installed PACS/RIS system which covered CT, MR and fluoroscopy, while CR unit was installed in 2006.

From the beginning, it was clear that CR unit without its full integration with PACS/RIS will not simplify daily operations. In just one week, system was extended and bound with the existing HIS. Final result is that patient data is entered only once, all imaging request data is visible on the modality console and paperwork is reduced to minimum.

Even more importantly, clinicians in their exam rooms have access to images and reports immediately, which has increased throughput of the whole hospital.

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