Patient Registration and Scheduling

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Single application on the reception desk of your department or clinic will enable you to handle all the registration and scheduling needs. To simplify the workflow, any format of magnetic and chip cards are supported, so you won't have to enter patient data manually. In a simple and intuitive user interface, any one or a linked set of procedures can be scheduled for any number of exam rooms, ultrasound or any other imaging machines, boosting your department's efficiency.
If your patients come with important paper documents, you can easily scan them at the reception desk, and these will automatically be associated with their exams.

Once patient has been registered, scheduling has never been easier – you can let Issa automatically choose a first available time slot for the procedure, or specify it manually. Each exam room has different working times? No problem, Issa takes care of that. Even more, it can take care of the working times of your physicians, technologists and nurses, so you don't have to worry about proper scheduling again.

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