Performing the Exam

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Once the patient enters the exam room, all the relevant information will be available at Issa workstation.
If an ultrasound exam has to be performed, patient demographics will already have been transferred into the ultrasound machine via the DICOM Worklist feature, so you will never have to enter patient demographics again.

To capture image from a colposcope, a simple footswitch is added to your workstation, so when you press it, the image shown on the monitor is automatically stored and associated with the exam.
Tired of writing results? All the measurements made on the ultrasound machine can be transferred into Issa by a click of a button, and stored into a structured report. Don't like the default design of the report? It can easily be configured to your liking.

Finally, should you choose to dictate your result, tape recorders become things of the past – dictate instead directly into the computer, where your voice is stored as a digital audio file and transferred over the network directly to your transcriptionists. As all the viewer and voice recorder functions are controlled using a simple intuitive USB device, your idle time between two exams becomes even shorter. Finally, your voice file is associated with a particular exam, just as the images and reports are.

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