Image Distribution and Reporting

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Exam images and results have to return to the clinician who requested them. No problem – using the simple web-based application, clinicians can see results and images, all within single application. And even that is customizable, as you can specify whether data will be visible as it appears or only after the whole exam has been marked as finished. Whether exam will be visible to all clinicians, only the one who requested the procedure or to a particular group or department – that can be configured as well. Finally, staff from the radiology department does not have to spend time browsing through archives to fetch all images, as everything is readily available online, according to the rules you have set.

As a referring physician, you get the extra benefit of being able to view both images and report from one same application and user interface, without the need to switch between two different applications - one single system handles your procedure requests, schedules, image review and reporting, with the ability to follow your patient throughout the imaging workflow.

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