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Multimodality image review workstation is the centerpiece of any PACS/RIS system and is the radiologist's main workplace. Therefore, we paid special attention to design it as user-friendly and easy to use system, which can be customized to any radiologists particular needs and requests. Almost anything on the workstation can be customized – layout and configuration of monitors, shortcut keys, hanging protocols, colors and appearance of the user interface.

With Issa Network Station, tape recorders become things of the past – dictate instead directly into the computer, where your voice is stored as a digital audio file and transferred over the network directly to your transcriptionists. As all the viewer and voice recorder functions are controlled using a simple intuitive USB device, your idle time between two exams becomes even shorter. Finally, your voice file is associated with a particular exam, just as the images are. With just one click, you can see everything.

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